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Our Car Service

To effectively maintain your vehicle, a car service is vital. A car service can ensure that important components of your car are in good condition; which in turn can improve our car’s efficiency and reduce repair costs.

Alternatively you can book a Vehicle health check that ensures your car is prepared for the coming seasons.

We offer two car service options:

  • Basic Service
  • Full Service

At Salvo’s we not only check that the components of your car are working at an optimum level, but top up and replace parts if or when it is required. Additionally all of our car service options include quality parts, the correct grade of oil for your vehicle all for a price tailored to your car or van.

It’s easy to book a car Service on a date and at time that suits you. Call 07765872424 to book or complete our service contact form.

To ensure that you are able to choose what car service is best for you we have created a checklist which compares all of our services. We have a Summary Service Guide listing all checks made in our services.